Governmental Law

Our Governmental Attorneys:     Frederick N. Holscher  •   Franz F. Holscher   •  Charles “Chip” Edwards  •   Chad H. Stoop

An In-Depth Understanding of the Issues Affecting Governments

At Rodman, Holscher, Peck, Edwards & Hill, P.A., we know government. Many of us have worked inside state agencies and local governments. We know the issues faced by governments, the special challenges and the special trust they hold to protect the public interest. This is not some abstract concept for us, it’s part of what we do—part of who we are. That’s why we see the issues of local governments differently.

Over the years, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the issues affecting governments and have applied that understanding in innovative and cost-effective approaches to legal challenges, finding mutually beneficial resolutions to disagreements, including intergovernmental disputes and mediations. Our litigators also defend governments and special districts as necessary.

We serve as general and special counsel for Eastern North Carolina towns, cities, counties, school boards, charter schools, value adjustment boards, special districts and more.

Solutions to Government Law Challenges

We provide our government and special district clients advice and counsel on:

  • Compliance with Federal and State Regulations
  • Community Redevelopment
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Governmental Retirement Issues
  • Growth Management and Local Comprehensive Planning
  • Public Pension, Labor and Employment Matters
  • Land Use Matters
  • Litigation in State, Federal and Administrative Proceedings
  • Local, State, and Federal Permitting
  • Municipal Conversion/Incorporation of Special Districts
  • Public Finance and Bond Matters
  • Preparation and Revision of Personnel Policies
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Public Records and Ethics Law
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Public Procurement and Bid Protests
  • Public Property Acquisition and Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
  • Retirement Issues
  • Rule Development
  • School Board and Charter School Issues
  • Workplace-Related Litigation

An important component of our government practice is public pension, labor and employment law. Pension benefits are one of the most important and costly fringe benefits for government employees. The operation and funding of public pension plans is subject to complex federal and state laws and regulations. We work closely with plan sponsors, boards of trustees, actuaries and labor counsel to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and to implement effective cost-containment strategies. We also advise public employers on a wide range of pension issues, and prepare plan documents and amendments.

A Governmental Law Firm You can Trust.

For comprehensive government law services in Washington, NC and throughout North Carolina, call Rodman, Holscher, Peck, Edwards & Hill, P.A. at 252-946-3122 or contact us to schedule a consultation.